In collaboration with Camila Goulart
Urban intervention > 60 street posters scattered over Rio de Janeiro (150 x 300 cm each trio)

                This series of street posters brings back classic slogans from campaigns to fight the dengue mosquito, calling on citizens to unite against a common enemy: “Together we are stronger”, “The danger rises, as does everyone’s responsibility” or “Worker, this is your battle too”. The campaign slogans have been repeated so exhaustively - especially during summer, the annual outbreak period of the disease - that all residents of Rio de Janeiro instantly recognize them.

                Here, however, the simple omission of the word "mosquito" removes the original context and leaves the passer-by with the task of figuring out who or what is meant by the intentionally empty reference word "ele" (him). The work encourages a kind of curiosity that becomes an opportunity to take position at the particular moment of political antagonism when these posters appeared on the streets of Rio de Janeiro: on the day after the impeachment of former president elected Dilma Rousseff.

                The work was reinstalled two years later, in the second round of the elections that would bring Jair Messias Bolsonaro to the presidency of Brazil.

Felipe Felizardo