Installation of the work in the gallery of Universidade Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires, 2014
Installation > 03 guidebooks and 85 cards (13 x 19.5 cm each)

                All the Pointsis the contracted name of the full title which gives the instructions of the project: Using different guide books, go over all points of interest in Palermo SoHo and Palermo Hollywood (Buenos Aires) in the shortest time possible.

                Eliminating the most obvious points (museums, gardens, monuments, etc.), it is not only about indicating the extreme volatility of certain areas due to real estate speculation, but also to establish, with my own physical displacement, an ideological cartography of guide books. That is, to understand what they seek in the same area or domain — where do they sleep, where do they eat, where do they shop? —, the new nameless explorers which sign the best-selling guides in the world: Le guide du Routard (France), The Rough Guide (England) and Lonely Planet (United States).

                Next to every photograph and timetable, which prove the passing through each spot, a full description of the points of interest, such as it appears in those distinguished travel guides, can be found.


photography Estefania Landesmann