Views of the work in the exhibition O que caminha ao lado, SESC Vila Mariana, São Paulo, 2015
Installation > a guide book, 2 mp3 players with earphones, 2 reprints of maps and 61 cards (11 x 19 cm each; varied total dimensions)

               All the pointsis the contracted name of the full title which gives the instructions of the project: to go over all the gastronomic highlights of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo listed in the Michelin Guide 2015 in the shortest time possible.

                This new version of the project initiated in Buenos Aires in 2014, proposes a comparison of high gastronomy addresses in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo, Brazil. Upon closely following the listing on the Michelin Guide, I draw an urban map that shows what lies behind the allegedly "universal" quality of the "starred" restaurants. Created in 1900 by the manufacturer André Michelin, the system suited the few who could afford a motor vehicle in the dawn of the 20th century, and continues to comply with a set of criteria established by a specific social group, defined mainly by their wealth.

                The work consists of 61 charts indicating the routes travelled, and contains: a picture of each restaurant, the time of the visit and the average price of meal, and the restaurant evaluation such as it appears in the guide itself. Two maps and two audio files, containing the recording of the routes travelled by car throughout both cities complete the installation.

Box > lined with silkscreen fabric (12 x 20 cm) and containing 61 cards (11 x 19 cm), 1 two-track CD and 2 maps (65 x 46 cm each) printed on Japanese rice paper

Recordings of the routes taken by car:
São Paulo > 36 points of interest in a total of 12 hours and 3 minutes (including a 1 hour and 20 minute break), with the participation of Pedro França and Bruno Nadkarni.
Rio de Janeiro > 19 points of interest in a total of 7 hours and 55 minutes (including a 1 hour and 24 minute break), with the participation of Camila Goulart, Pedro Victor Brandão and Laura Cosendey.

photography São Paulo Daniel Jablonski
photography Rio de Janeiro 
Pedro Victor Brandão