Solo exhibition at Centro Cultural São Paulo,
with a critical follow up by Renan Araújo, São Paulo, BRA
06.08.2016 to 12.03.2017

Ask Your Neighborswas part of the the I and II Exhibition of the 2016 Exhibition Program, which reached its 26th year, with simultaneous individual shows by selected artists Anna Israel, Daniel Jablonski, Flora Rebollo, Gian Spina, Gustavo Torres, Yuli Yamagata, Mauricio Adinolfi and Tiago Mestre. Installed in the roof garden of the Centro Cultural São Paulo, Ask Your Neighbors points to the loss of the sense of community in large cities via a simple device: a neon sign mounted on a “floating” metal structure. The work can be perceived in two distinct ways. When viewed by passers-by during the day, it is taken for an installation object with a physical and material presence in the open air. When seen from afar, through the windows of the neighbouring apartment buildings at night time, it is an immaterial message in light.

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+ Critical reviews > Seu Agenor + Balta Nunes by Renan Araújo

photographs Lauro Rocha
Camila Goulart
Ícaro Vilaça
neon sign installation
Henrique "Cowboy" Szabo
structure installation
Mauro Paiva / Metro Cenografia