Picture > two A4 sheets and cassette tape over inkjet print on cotton paper (71.2 x 49.5 cm)

                Astrologically Incompatible is a formal resolution, announced on the 27th of March, 2012, as a speech at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, in the occasion of a seminar regarding the posthumous work of my professor and dear friend, Claudia Castro.

                Having just arrived back in Brazil after the completion of a bureaucratic Masters in that same discipline, it was no longer possible to think of Claudia’s philosophical ideal without seeing myself confronting the image of the countless academic disappointments which have preceded, coincidently or not, her brief battle with cancer. And in order to say everything, it didn’t seem to me to do her memory any justice to pay tribute to her in the very terms of that which had, ultimately, made her miserable: Philosophy.

                The resolution, expressed in the legal instrument which was made public in the seminar, is read as an attempt to revoke my academic degrees - and thus, my "destiny" as a philosopher, as it was presented in the astrological chart given to me by Claudia, a long time ago. I thus decided to hasten that inevitable process of academic ruin; not any more through the unrestricted embrace of an ideal unrelated to the political contingency of the university; but conversely, through the decision to make myself completely excluded from the discipline: "I hereby proclaim that I am no longer part of Philosophy".

Views of the installation at Espaço Cultural BNDES, Rio de Janeiro, 2016
> two A4 sheets, cassette tape and case over three wooden panels (250 x 180 cm each) with vinyl cut-outs, tube television set showing video in loop

Presentation of the resolution to Claudia Castro, announced at the Department of Law – PUC-Rio 27th March, 2012
> digital video, color, mono, 10:28'

photography João Paulo Racy
video recording
Kati Pinto