Photographs > series of images printed in natural pigment on cotton paper (50 x 75 cm each)

                Brasiliana: [it is] said of a collection, public or private, comprising objects, artifacts, books or any other documents that have Brazil as its theme. Here, the term is reclaimed for an (open) series of photographic images presenting everyday objects found by the artist. Icons of an almost clichéd "Brazilianness" are juxtaposed with lesser-known objects, which can be read as indexes, remnants and traces of important aspects of Brazilian culture.

                For example, the ether-spray, once advertised as a party accessory for the whole family in the early decades of the 20th century, and now forbidden as part of the innocuous and deadly "war on drugs". Or a pair of brass rings with the inscription: "I gave gold for the well-being of Brazil - 1964", a reward given to "patriotic" citizens who donated their (gold) rings in support of the newly installed regime after a military coup.