Posters > 600 copies printed in offset + 10 signed (70 x 47.5 cm each)

               For a continuous period of nearly 20 hours, I lectured on the full content of my six-month course — Photography and its ghosts — uninterruptedly and free of charge. The work takes its name from the pamphlet published by artist Ivald Granato in 1977, in which he proclaimed, in hopes of finding patronage for his work: "Adopt an artist, don’t let him become a professor."

                Here, by confounding the image of the artist with that of the professor, I sought to tackle the stigma of teaching as being a “lesser” activity in the art world, a solution reserved solely to that professional who could not find success in his/her personal production. Stigma which is also faced by many artists. Therefore, the artistic gesture here lies not simply in affirming that this "infinite lecture" is a performance; but primarily in using the context of an art exhibition strategically, to grant free access to a course, which generally imposes a restrictive cost. Thus, through a brief gap in its programme, to remind the public of Parque Lage of the fundamental vocation of the place where they stand: that it is not a museum, but instead, a free school of art.

                Billboards announced the complete programme in advance, each lecture, timetable, lectures going over night to the following day, with their specific themes, panels and film screenings.

Public class > views of the auditorium of Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage, Rio de Janeiro, 2016

> Portuguese only
+ Critical reviews > Interpelar el presente – hacer resistencia por Lisette Lagnado e Mônica Hoff

Pedro Agilson, Pedro Victor Brandão, Felipe Felizardo