Installation > metal structure and wooden sign (400 x 200 cm)

                Apparently simple, these three words convey multiple possible meanings, and their content depends entirely on the interpretation of the passers-by on the street. Intentionally patent in its formulation and loose in its referentiality, the sign acts as a trigger for affective processes in the viewer's mind. To give meaning to the sentence, he or she must ask him or herself: "What is it that I don’t want everyone else to know? And why?" But mainly: "Who is everyone else to me? And also: "Who am I to them?"

                Even though individual answers are most likely to remain unspoken, silence before the work is also telling. For this subjective plunge implies an awareness of the subject, of his or her dependence on a community (be it geographical, cultural or linguistic), from which he or she is hiding something. This is what could be called the "paradox of secrecy": for something to be truly secret, it is not only necessary that someone conceals something, but also that other people suspect such concealment. Contrary to what one might imagine, secrets are not private, but public objects, and their effects depend on the possibility of their disclosure. There are no secrets, no matter how intimate they may be, that others cannot find out about.

                Everyone will know about the inaugural work of the urban art program Intervención en la Valle, of the artistic residence Lugar a Dudas, in Santiago de Cali, Colombia.

Ivan Tovar
thanks to
Lugar a Dudas