Installation > 240 A4 sheets printed in black and white, 240 x 630 cm

                Indignantly Yours is composed of a collection of open letters against Brazil’s president Jair Messias Bolsonaro, produced between 2018 and 2021, by both civil society and politicians of other ideological orientations. Result of the crisis of representative democracy, these letters have become ubiquitous, and mark at the same time the discontent with the government and the impotence in the face of concrete action.

                 Superimposed on the sheets of paper is a large-format calligraphic reconstruction of a protest sign that philosopher Baruch de Spinoza is said to have created in 1672, bearing only two words: "ultimi barbarorum". After the dignitaries of the Dutch Republic were deposed, resulting in their arrest, murder and public lynching (with reports of cannibalism), the rationalist philosopher decided to publicly express his indignation. His plan was to post it near the scene of the crime, possibly in front of a church, so as to underline the responsibility of the monarchists and the clergy in the coup d'état. For Spinoza, while the mass would certainly be "barbaric," those in charge would be "the ultimate barbarians".

                However, his action was thwarted by the landlord of the house where he lived, who locked him in a room, fearing that he would also be brutally murdered.

> Portuguese only
+ Critical reviews > Os mais bárbaros dos bárbaros
by José Bento Ferreira

Douglas Garcia
calligraphy reconstitution Gui Menga  
research and installation assistant
Natália Marchiori