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                L’insouciance was created right after my arrival in Paris, at the end of 2008. More than merely a journal, the blog was supposed to account not only for my experience as a foreigner, but above all, retrace the events of the turbulent previous year, marked by consecutive ruptures, both affective and professional. It was, at the time, a matter of taking a year to rewrite a year, to be able to say all that hadn’t been said before the departure.

                Love conflicts, personal misunderstandings, relocations, migrations; all these small adolescent dramas, until that point restricted to a close circle of friends, were able to attain a broader sense when confronted with some of the most notable events of the 20th Century – the irruption of the artistic vanguards, the Communist and Surrealist revolutions, the First and Second World Wars, the rise of the Iron Curtain, the space race, the fall of the 'Second World' (USSR, etc.), etc.

                Speaking to all in order to communicate with a few, the blog sought a slightly different model of internet communication, replacing its usual anonymity with the use of full names, and the everyday omission with the clarity that only a completely open space can offer. By means of making public excerpts of personal letters, images and videos of real people, the blog became an active space for the exchange of ideas, not always peacefully, amongst equally real people. And also, as a result, it became the living picture of a still unnamed generation.