Cover art of Law and Violence in Jacques Derrida, 2017, by José Antonio R. Magalhães

                The book functions, at the same time, as an introduction to the French philosopher's thought on the subject of Law, as well as an analysis of its relations with violence, in dialogue with other contemporary authors such as Giorgio Agamben, Judith Butler and Slavoj Zižek. Finally, this is a historically situated book that seeks to respond to recent events in Brazil, inserting itself in the debate about the popular demonstrations that took place all over the country dunring June 2013, and their aftermath.

                The cover art presents a composition made up of small diverse objects. While they can be seen, individually, as more or less conventional symbols, their unexpected coming together invites us to think about other ways of relating to reality, whether through action, reflection, or both. Just as, for example, in the struggle against the state apparatus of violence, any individual can manufacture their own Molotov cocktail from elements present in their daily environment.