In collaboration with Alexandre Gwaz
Sound performance > acoustic drums, computers, recording equipment, LED lights

                The performance Play that Music consisted in the live recording of a five-track album. Titled “Play Until You Die,” it is a ghost version of another record, which should have been recorded by me and my teenage band exactly ten years ago.

                Os subterrâneos emerged in mid- 2004 in Rio de Janeiro, from the encounter of five friends who shared some artistic intent, and ended shortly after as do so many similar bands: due to quarrels and misunderstandings. But, in this specific case, the end came soon after a recording deal and a demo tape complete with arrangements for five original songs.

                This record follows the original scores precisely, but contains only the instrument that I was assigned to at the time: the drums. It was recorded live at Espaço BREU, São Paulo, on 2 December 2017, with the assistance of sound artist Alexandre Gwaz. In fact, the work had started long before, for it involved the entire process of relearning to play the instrument, with which I had had no contact since then.

                Forcing my body back into its past vigor, such performative device sought to point to the almost mythical outlines of that ideal of the "band", which is ingrained in the minds of so many other youths who, like me, have chosen music as a primary platform of exchange. Furthermore, through a profusion of absences, it revealed the often devastating effect of the passage of time, which stifles those same aspirations, desires and initiatives, with the imperative weight of adulthood.

Posters > 4 inkjet prints on photographic paper (70 x 47.5 cm each)

Album > recording of the sound performance, available in mp3 and 10” vinyls
(100 issues) with signed poster

Video > teaser for the Play Until You Die record release

album design 
Marina Oruê /
 Helô Duran
Nino Andrés
Pedro França
video editing
Haroldo Saboia