Polaroids > 02 snapshots (8 x 8 cm each), 2010 

                The last snapshot of the European intelligentsia is a project started in mid-2010, after noticing that new Photomaton photo booths had been recently installed in the majority of Parisian Subway stations. Contrary to what boasted its 1920’s analogue counterpart — the possibility of obtaining "6 perfect and distinct photographs" —, the new digital booths uphold above all the conformity of its 4 or 5 identical photographs, already validated for official use by the French Government.

                The purpose of this project was to revert the logic behind the control of such photo booths, making use of its printing technology, whose "special paper does not allow retouching or forgery", to record my countless journeys throughout the city on my daily drifts. The choice of a Polaroid camera for recording the photo booths and their surroundings was due to its operational similarity with the booths’, dispensing with the use of negative film. It is, thus, about establishing a complete circuit of snapshots, throughout the years, until all 303 stations of the Subway of Paris have been recorded.

                Each installation of the project is unique: not only for the collection of new photographs, but also because different quarters of the map of the Subway are chosen to be displayed each time.

Views of the installation in the exhibition (There are Photographs to Document This) at Centro Cultural Municipal Sérgio Porto, 2014
> 67 sheets of 3x4 photographs, Polaroids, adhesive vinyl, inkjet on photographic paper (total variable dimensions)