Independent publication featuring Daniel Jablonski, Lucas Cureau, Delia Rogobete, Pedro França & Ismar Tirelli Neto, 2014
Book > 500 numbered issues, 101 pp. (18,5 x 14,5 cm)

                The Youth Bulletin is the transcription of a long conversation among friends throughout one night of December 2009, and whose guidelines, more or less vague included: making an assessment of the present and plans for the future.

                Six years later, upon the release of the book, none of those plans had been fulfilled. However, far from the idea of it being necessarily a failure, the preface reads the idea that youth consists precisely of "the mismatch between promises and accomplishments. There is, in conclusion, a legitimate virtue in the levity of plans which are never fulfilled, and why not, even an unexpected beauty in all this naivety disguised as arrogance". A time capsule of the youth of a group of people that carried on their production in different directions.

                Nearly ten years after this first encounter, the dynamics recorded in the book was updated via a theatrical device: five actors — professional and amateurs — took the parts of those five people, in a stage reading of the publication.

                Directed by playwright Gustavo Colombini, the guest readers Leonardo Araujo, Flora Leite, Barbara Mastrobuono, Vinicius Pires and André Felipe rehearsed the text together, preparing for a play that would never materialise either. The practice took place in the office of Ateliê 397, São Paulo, at a space limited by the full-scale drawing of the floor plan from the flat where the original conversation took place, a tiny artist’s studio of 37sqm in Rio de Janeiro.

The book launch at Casa Tomada, in São Paulo, on March 21, 2015, was attended by other friends - old and new - who successively read excerpts of books which they chose: prose, verse, theory, written by themselves or others, with no limit of length, format or origin, as long as they conveyed some other idea of youth.

Readings > Amilcar Packer, Ana Maria Maia, Bruno Nadkarni, Daniel Jablonski, Fabio Zuker, Flora Leite, Flora Rebollo, Isabella Rjeille, Ismar Tirelli Neto, Júlia Demeter, Mariana Serri & Pedro França.

In collaboration with Gustavo Colombini, 2008

Stage reading > with a playwright and five guest actors (approximately 3 hours)
Scenography > demarcation in real scale of the floorplan of a 37sq mt flat in paint over the floor of Ateliê 397, São Paulo

> Portuguese only + Critical reviews > O boletim da juventude – relato de uma observação por Livia Lima

photography book Douglas Garcia
photography performance
Pedro Victor Brandão