Publicação Agência Transitiva Ano 1, 2014. Risografia, Issue of 200. Belo Horizonte.
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               Transitive Agency emerged from the meeting of a group of young artists interested in art, activism and collective work dynamics. Throughout its 18-month existence, the agency performed, always anonymously, a series of actions or "services", ranging from urban intervention to translation of texts, to participation in debates. This was their presentation:   

"It is not an art collective, nor a company. It appeared in January 2013 in Rio de Janeiro and had its opening activities the translation and independent publication of the "A User’s Guide to Demanding the Impossible" (text by Gavin Grindon and John Jordan and production of Labofii, Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination). It is a space-vehicle for unconventional studies and actions in Art, Politics, and the History of Ideas. We conjugate verbs in the present and future. We collect. We appropriate. We intercede. We are transparent. We are not alone. We have enemies. We facilitate services of approach, consummation and chain reaction. We accept exchanges".

               I was part of the group until 2014, alongside Maíra das Neves, Pedro Victor Brandão, Kadija de Paula, Jeferson Andrade, Lucas Rodrigues and Lucas Sargentelli Icó. At the end of the first year, we compiled our first activities in an independent publication, Transitive Agency Year 1.