Urban intervention > 02 family photographs mounted on commercial billboards (7 x 3 m each)

My brazilian grandmother at the caribbean sea, 198
av. profesor ricardo balbín 4.000, buenos aires, argentina
My girlfriend’s romanian grandparents in north korea, 1975
av. independéncia 1.475, buenos aires, argentina

               West / East s a fortuitous work consisting of the contrast of two images found in different photo albums: one belonging to my own family, the other belonging to the family of a former girlfriend.

                In addition to a mere formal analogy (horizon, shades of blue etc.) or sociological comparison (quality of life, customs etc.), these images point to the persistence of the great ideologies which marked the 20th century, even in the most inconspicuous activities, such as tourism. And that, despite its daily concealment, promoted by advertising mechanisms which sell the idea of “travel” as a form of outlet of daily life, as an escape from the cities. 

                However, as revealed by our own photo albums, tourism is in fact connected to the organization of the working world and shares its most important social and political consequences. This may seem to be the reason why, in their well-deserved days of rest, the capitalist families of Brazil tend to holiday in Caribbean cruises, and the communist families of Romania, in turn, tend to blow off steam on remote beaches on the coast of North Korea.

Installation of the work in Sancovsky and Zipper galleries, São Paulo, 2016
> adhesive vinyl on glass (approximately 5 x 2.5 m each)

photography outdoor Lihuel Gonzalez
photography indoor
André Turazzi