Solo exhibition at the Ribeirão Preto Museum of Art, SP, BRA
07.04 to 19.08.2017

Brazil is an investigation on the representation of Brazil in different cultures, as it appears in international cinematographic works. The goal is to draw a panorama of fiction films produced and shot abroad in which Brazil appears only as a punctual reference, without any real importance for the unfolding of the plot. Distant in both time and space, Brazil serves as the underside for all those films, like a black hole in the scripts, to which all the characters’ promises, dreams or escapes are sent, never to be accomplished.

+ Works > (Still) Brazil, 2017 – 2018

+ Exhibition handout

photographs Maurício Froldi
audio and video editing
Pedro Victor Brandão
lyrics translation into portuguese
Ismar Tirelli Neto
research assistants
Mariana Teixeira, Deisy Boscaratto
portuguese revision
Mariana Moura
panel layout
Sofia Caesar
Camila Goulart
thanks to
Nilton Campos e equipe do MARP