Critical review by Marília Loureiro of the exhibition (Still) Brazil at Paço das Artes, São Paulo, for the website Found Review, Stockholm, 14.03.18

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                Found Review is a publication for art criticism that uses only found material. The readymade as art criticism, the found object as found review – that is the guiding principle. This has little in common with criticism in the traditional sense of the word: the systematic analysis, the making of distinctions and the passing of judgment. Yet it reflects and expounds a practice which has become one of the most generalized procedures of artistic production today (the found object, the collision of meaning), and which can even be traced in certain theoretical and art historical projects of the past.

                Here, in a commentary on the exhibition (Still) Brazil, art critic and curator Marília Loureiro proposes an excerpt from the Dutch TV show RTL Barend & van Dorp, from 1992, about soccer player Romário.