Solo exhibition with critical follow up by Nathalia Lavigne, MIS / Paço das Artes, São Paulo, BRA
30.01 to 18.03.2018

In (Still) Brazil, Daniel Jablonski gives shape to an extensive research on the representation of Brazil in other cultures, chiefly in cinematographic works. The different pieces that make up the exhibition - audios, videos and objects - are organically arranged around a collection of 250 stills (screen captures) from international films from the most diverse eras and nationalities. The still images, captured at the precise moment when the words "Brazil" or "Brazilian" appear, do more than reinforce the clichés attributed to the country and what would be a supposed "Brazilianness". When analyzed as a whole, they point to an important fact: the references to Brazil have no real function in the plots, but work only as a form of counterpoint. Thus, the country appears as a kind of underside to the scripts, an imaginary place where all the promises, dreams or escapes of the characters are sent without any prospect of realization.

+ Works > (Still) Brazil, 2017 – 2018

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+ Critical reviews > (Still) Brazil no Paço das Artes by Nathalia Lavigne
+ Critical reviews > Learn Dutch to know Brazil by Marília Loureiro
+ Interviews > Video-interview Paço das Artes by Priscila Arantes

photographs Lauro Rocha
sound and video editing
Alexandre Gwaz
research assistants
Mariana Teixeira, Natália Marchiori
portuguese revision
Mariana Moura
panel layout
Ana Carolina Montenegro
thanks to
Priscila Arantes, Larissa Souto, Flavio Silva, Natália Marchiori, Camila Goulart