Music performance event organized by Daniel Jablonski
at Espaço BREU, São Paulo, BRA

Play that Music was an independent sound performance event. Its starting point was a performance by Daniel Jablonski, who retrieved some elements of his previous musical background to interrogate other possible uses of sound. Can music be used as a physical, plastic, narrative device - i.e. beyond the field of what we conventionally call music?

This question was also picked up by the guests Alexandre Gwaz (with Daniel Jablonski), Stefanie Egedy, Gustavo Torres and André Damião. Born out of diverse investigations, their performances share, however, the fact of using the threshold of music - between image, body and sound - without ever (or almost) configuring it as such. They respond, each in their own way, as all sound art works do, to that inaugural defiance made by John Cage in 1937:

"lf this word, music, is sacred and reserved for eighteenth- and nineteenth-century instruments, we can substitute a more meaningful term: organization of sound".

+ Works > Play that Music / Play Until You Die, 2017 – 2020

Play that music by Daniel Jablonski + Alexandre Gwaz
Performance recorded live at Espaço BREU, São Paulo, on 2 de December, 2017

Ricardo Mansur
recording operator
Alexandre Gwaz
Flora Himmelstein Leite
Helô Duran
Maxi Audio
Nino Andrés
Pedro França

Guest Performances by
"Sem título"/Untitled by Stefanie Egedy
"Composição Para Teclados #10 (para LMY e NJP)"/Music for Keyboard#10 by Gustavo Torres
"Rébus" by André Damião

thanks to
Camila Goulart, Flora Himmelstein Leite, Alexandre Gwaz, Laura Burocco, André Damião, Stefanie Egedy, Gustavo Torres, MAXI Áudio, Patrícia Mesquita, Sabrina Inafuku, Marcão Gerez, Pedro França, Renata Neon, Rafaela Foz, Pedro Ivo Verçosa, Júlio Lapagesse, Virgílio Neto e Espaço BREU