Solo exhibition at Janaina Torres Gallery, São Paulo, BRA
17.10 to 15.12.2018

Based on Georges Perec's 1985 book Think / Classify, the exhibition intends to reconstruct - in an almost detective-like way - the chronology of a life from the material waste accumulated over the years. The more than 3000 items in the repertoire range from old clothes to photocopies of college texts, including kitchen utensils, books, catalogs, family photos, and bills, receipts, and bills. By making memory (and oblivion) pass through the filter of the external world, the exhibition sets out to be less of a personal museum of the artist and more of a common archive of a shared generation.

+ Works > Things, 2018 – 2020

> Portuguese only + Critical reviews > Demographic Census 2018: Things by Leonardo Araujo Beserra + Exhibition’s handout

photographs João Paulo Racy
research and cataloguing assistant
Natália Marchiori
Helena Cavalheiro
critical follow up
Leonardo Araujo Beserra
panel layout
Ana Carolina Montenegro
Mariana Moura, Lívia Lima
Arão Nunes / Gala Art Instalation
thanks to
Camila Goulart, Galeria Janaina Torres, Pedro Chueke Franca, Tania Chueke, Silvio Jablonski, Vera Dodsworth, Humberto Baranek, Fernando Jablonski, Pedro França, Pedro Victor Brandão, Lucas Cureau, Tatiane de Assis