Solo exhibition at Casamata Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, BRA
05.07 to 31.08.2014

When describing the function of the dream, Freud uses an image taken from industrial capitalism: it is a kind of night watchman, responsible for guaranteeing the population a peaceful sleep, but also for waking them up when necessary. However, the psychoanalyst does not seem to identify the neurosis that haunts this same society: now, if everyone is asleep, how can we know if the watchman is really doing his job? And what if his sleep is, in reality, without any control? With more than 30 mechanical alarm clocks in operation in the Casamata gallery,Mad Sleep presents the audience with the results of this first-person "case study," unashamedly conjugating Freud's dream science, the domination structures of industrial capitalism, and the surrealists mad love.

+ Works > The Mad Sleep, 2013 – 2016

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+ Critical reviews > O sono louco by Laura Cosendey
+ Critical reviews > The Mad Sleep by Fábio Zuker

photographs Beto Pêgo, Lua Perê
thanks to 
Laura Cosendey, Luiza Crosman, equipe Comuna