Solo exhibition at Duas Galerias, Belo Horizonte, BRA 
16.04 to 26.05.2019

In order to diagnose in himself an unknown sleep disorder - the inability to wake up at a scheduled time, the artist carried out a homemade experiment: to sleep for a whole month tied to a watchman’s clock — a clocking device used in the 19th century to ensure that watchmen were doing their patrols in factories and warehouses — so as to keep track of his nocturnal activities. Comprising more than 30 mechanical alarm clocks in operation in the gallery, the work introduces the audience to the method and the results of this first-person "case study," cohesively conjugating Freud's dream science, the domination structures of industrial capitalism, and the surrealists mad love.

+ Works > The Mad Sleep, 2013 – 2016

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+ Interviews > The Mad Sleep by Yolanda Vilela + Interviews > Who watches the watchman? by Wagner Nardy 

Daniel Pinho
panel layout 
Rita Sepúlveda de Faria
Alessandro Lima